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Glass Upgrade Options 

Each of our frames includes Standard Glass, which blocks 50% of UV rays. We also provide upgraded glass options for additional document protection.

 Non-Glare Glass: Enhances the beauty of framed pieces with a matte-like finish that minimizes unwanted glare. This glass filters out approximately 50% of destructing UV rays.

 Conservation Glass: Effectively blocks up to 99% of UV rays to help protect from fading and deterioration.

 Conservation Non-Glare Glass: Matte-like finish minimizes unwanted glare while also effectively blocking up to 99% of UV rays to help protect from fading and deterioration.


Glass Option Benefits:

Glass is an important element of your frame because it protects your document against dirt, dust, sun, and other harmful elements.


Glass Option FAQ's:

Does Every Frame come with Standard Glass?
Yes, every frame comes with Standard Glass that protects against dust, dirt, insects and 50% of UV rays.
How Do UV rays Affect Documents?
If your documents are exposed to the sun without UV protection, they will turn a different color and start to fade rapidly. Once damage happens to your document, it can never be reversed. It is important to take precautions to avoid damage to your document.
Why is UV Protection Important for my Framed Documents?
According to TRU VUE®, a leading glass manufacturer in the framing market, one way to protect a framed document from irreversible damage from direct sunlight is by making sure the glass being used can block at least 97% of the UV rays.
An easy solution to protecting your document is opting for UV-protective glass. Our standard glass is perfect for frames that are not in direct sunlight because it will still protect the document from 50% UV rays.
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