About Our Frames

Handcrafted in the USA, our high-quality frames offer unrivaled value. Frames are already custom-sized for your school or organization, allowing you to quickly and easily insert your diploma or certificate. There's no need to send us your valuable document!


Choose from a wide selection of distinctive, eco-friendly hardwood mouldings.  All moulding styles shown are made with Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified wood from well-managed forests. View moulding descriptions

FSC Certification
Sienna moulding


Millennium moulding




Mahogany Gold
Coronado moulding Coronado
Spirit Moulding Spirit
Olympia Frame Moulding Olympia
Metro moulding Metro
 Athens moulding  Athens


Custom Embossing

Framing Success was the original innovator of custom-embossed frames.  We offer elegant gold, silver or black leaf embossing. We ensure complete compliance with all licensing agreements for our products reflecting licensed trademarks, names or logos. Your school or organization receives a portion of the revenue from licensed product sales, per the terms of their licensing agreement.

Conservation-Quality Preservation Matboards

Our Conservation-Quality Preservation matboard protects your valuable document from the damaging effects of pollutant and contaminants.


Glass Options  

Standard -  sturdy, scratch-resistant 2.5mm glass exceeds industry standards.

Non-Glare -  enhances the beauty of framed pieces with a matte-like finish that minimizes unwanted glare.

Conservation - effectively blocks up to 99% of UV light rays to help protect from fading and deterioration.

Conservation Non-Glare - the matte-like finish minimizes unwanted glare while also effectively blocking up to 99% of UV light rays to help protect from fading and deterioration.  


Brilliant Medallions    Adjustable Hanging System
Brilliant, proof-struck, custom-minted medallions are available for many schools and organizations. Our medallions feature impeccably rendered school or organization seals.

Gold- Add a prestigious symbol of achievement to your frame with our classic gold medallions.

Silver- Reflecting flawless craftsmanship and beauty, our silver medallions add the perfect touch of timeless brilliance.

Enameled- Gold or silver medallions feature beautifully detailed enameled accents.

  Our unique adjustable hanging system allows for fast, easy adjustments.  This innovative system saves time and takes the frustration out of hanging and displaying your achievement frame.

Windsor Diploma Frame